Our Story
& Mission

At Wings of Change Therapy, Inc, we use both a top-down and bottom-up approach, meaning we focus on your child’s strengths and skills to empower them to participate fully in their lives. We believe in building relationships with the children, families and schools that we serve—because it is through these partnerships that children grow!

wings of change

This is

Who We Are

Our Values

  • All children and youth have the potential to become leaders within their communities and beyond.
  • All children and youth are unique individuals with endless strengths.
  • We value the development of social and emotional responsibility, creativity, and resiliency. 
  • We value play as a child’s occupation.
  • We value relationships to grow and uplift each child individually.

Our Goals

  • To empower children, youth, and their families
  • To enrich the lives of children and youth
  • To develop each child’s self-resiliency
  • To develop social and emotional responsibility in our children
  • To teach positive coping skills to every child
  • To educate children to be productive citizens in our communities

Our Mission

To serve and empower children, youth and their families by holistically teaching emotional and physical resiliency through meaningful and purposeful activities within the communities where they live.

Meet our Founder

Jordye Joyce

Wings of Change Therapy, Inc., started as a kid’s crayon-scribbled, roadtrip-daydreamed idea. Even as a child, Jordye Joyce wanted to help other kids, and would often think about her center for kids that would offer opportunities for them, make them feel safe, and involve animals. While volunteering at a hospital when she was twelve years old, Jordye discovered occupational therapy and knew that was her calling–but didn’t understand that occupational therapists could work with kids! It wasn’t until she saw an occupational therapist working with children on the news that she realized she could embrace both her dream and her calling in one. From that point on, Jordye was determined to create her center for kids.

For many years, she worked as an occupational therapist, not yet understanding how to make her dream center for children come true. She gained experience running her own business in occupational therapy, but even as she worked on her own, she found people with a similar passion as hers. Deciding to create jobs for these people, she began expanding her business to include therapists and educational staff members beyond Jordye’s own skill set. The more they worked, the more they found youth and their families who had a need for exactly the center Jordye had been dreaming of. Finally, after years of gathering the right people and perfecting their techniques and curriculum, Wings of Change Therapy, Inc. became a reality in 2010, fulfilling Jordye’s childhood dream of opening a center where kids of all ages can feel safe, learn and grow together, and be truly empowered to live their lives successfully.